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Arthur Lindquist-Kleissler has been helping people and businesses in Colorado pursue their best options for debt relief since 1979. From simple remedies to complex corporate bankruptcy cases, the experienced legal professionals at Lindquist-Kleissler & Company, LLC can always be trusted to provide each of their clients with the highest quality of legal services.
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Individuals & business can rely on Mr. Lindquist-Kleissler to consistently:
Bring an experienced, fresh perspective to their cases
Provide their cases with the personalized, professional attention they deserve
Evaluate non-traditional options for debt relief
Tailor his services to each client’s specific needs and unique situation
Maximize utilization of Colorado Bankruptcy Law to effectively guide his clients through bankruptcy
Help them resolve their cases as efficiently, favorably and discretely as possible.
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Mr. Lindquist-Kleissler is an experienced, straightforward attorney who thoroughly assesses a case and informs clients up front as to their options. Clients understand the information and therefore are well-equipped to make the best decision for them.
At Lindquist-Kleissler & Company, LLC, we tailor our services to the individual client. We strive to bring fresh perspective to bankruptcy matters, and we are known for examining non-traditional options for our clients.

Bankruptcy Solutions in Colorado

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For individuals seeking debt relief and a financial fresh start, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often the best route to pursue. In fact, nearly 85 percent of the bankruptcies filed in Colorado last year were Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

When filing for Chapter 7, borrowers can effectively get some of their serious debt discharged (i.e., forgiven) while protecting some of their treasured assets (like their home and car) by taking advantage of bankruptcy exemptions. Credit card debt, medical debt and mortgage debt is among the types of debt that can be discharged through Chapter 7 proceedings.


When people don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (because, for instance, they earn too much money or they have recently filed a Chapter 7 case), filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be their best option for debt relief. Also referred to as reorganization bankruptcy, Chapter 13 requires that borrowers develop repayment plans that detail how they will pay their outstanding debt to creditors over the course of three to five years.
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Chapter 11 bankruptcy, also referred to as corporate or business bankruptcy, is a more complicated debt relief solution for distressed enterprises. In general, Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases will involve developing a reorganization plan for the struggling business in order to help relieve some of its debt, streamline its operations and help it become profitable.

In some cases, Chapter 11 proceedings may involve planning for the partial liquidation of a business’ assets or planning for other efforts to reorganize the business and resolve its debt while it continues to operate.

Comprehensive Services

Credit Card Debt Relief

Nearly 40 percent of Americans carry debt from month to month on their credit cards.

Wage Garnishment Protection

Wage garnishments refer to the withholding of money from a person’s earnings.

Home Foreclosure Protection

Facing the threat of foreclosure and losing your home can be terrifying.

Property Repossession Protection

When borrowers fall behind on their debt payments, creditors may threaten to repossess.

Commercial Debt Relief

When businesses are struggling to cover their operating costs, there are various options.

Creditor Protection & Representation

Creditors seeking payment from struggling businesses or other debtors have options.

Liquidation & Reorganization

We're equipped to help whatever solution the organization ultimately needs.

Asset Protection & Bankruptcy Exemptions

Borrowers have recourse for protecting their assets during bankruptcy proceeding.

Our Satisfied Clients

  • Very good and efficient lawyer. Would highly recommend anybody looking to file a bankruptcy. I was living in Grand Junction at the time, and the process went seamlessly. Thanks Arthur!
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  • Five out of five stars!
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  • The paralegal, Sean was extremely efficient and easy to reach whenever I had a question, and Srthur himself was very personable and friendly. Not like a lot of lawyers, who seem lofty or stuffy; Arthur was a regular guy.
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