October 15, 2014

Concluding our three-part blog series 6 Tips for Recognizing & Correcting Credit Report Mistakes, here we will wrap up this discussion by pointing out two final ways in which people can identify and repair their credit report mistakes.

Final Tips for Fixing Credit Report Mistakes…

Tip 5 – Contact the credit reporting bureau associated with the credit report mistakes.

When debt – not credit report mistakes – is your issue, contact Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer Arthur Lindquist-Kleissler. He can help you obtain real relief from serious debt.

When debt – not credit report mistakes – is your issue, contact Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer Arthur Lindquist-Kleissler. He can help you obtain real relief from serious debt.

While contacting the creditor associated with credit report mistakes may be appropriate in some cases, in others, people may (also or instead) have to contact the credit reporting bureau associated with the errors. These cases can arise when the credit report mistakes involve:

  • Debt that a person did not accumulate (which could mean that a person has been the victim of identity theft)
  • Debt that should have been removed or discharged from the credit report
  • Errors in a person’s personal information.

When contacting the credit reporting bureau is the right move to correct credit report mistakes, it’s important for people to be prepared to:

  • Explain the issues in writing
  • Send the written explanation, along with the appropriate supporting documentation, to the credit reporting bureau (preferably via certified mail)
  • Keep records of everything they send to the credit reporting bureau, as well as all correspondence they receive from the bureau(s) regarding the alleged credit report mistakes.
  • Wait. These cases can take some time to get resolved.

Tip 6 – Keep records and follow up until the credit report mistakes have been corrected.

As mentioned above, once credit report mistakes have been identified, getting them corrected – by working with creditors and/or credit reporting bureaus – will be essential. To this end, people should be aware that this effort can be a process so it’s critical that they:

  • Stay focused
  • Maintain detailed records of when they interact with creditors/credit reporting bureaus, all correspondence regarding the credit report mistakes, etc.
  • Be prepared to have to follow up if or when necessary.

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When overwhelming debt – not credit report mistakes – is causing you to face a serious financial crisis, Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer Arthur Lindquist-Kleissler can help you figure out your best options for obtaining real debt relief.

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