When filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, borrowers can expect their credit to be impacted for some years to come. However, the degree to which their credit will be impacted will depend on various factors, some of which include: 

  • Although Chapter 13 bankruptcy will impact your credit, the impacts aren’t permanent. Contact Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer Arthur Lindquist-Kleissler for more info.

    Although Chapter 13 bankruptcy will impact your credit, the impacts aren’t permanent. Contact Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer Arthur Lindquist-Kleissler for more info.

    Whether the Chapter 13 case was discharged

  • Whether the Chapter 13 case had to be converted to a Chapter 7 proceeding because, for instance, the borrower couldn’t continue to pay creditors after filing bankruptcy
  • Whether borrower takes action after his bankruptcy case to improve his credit score.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: How Long It Stays on a Credit Report

In general, the record of having filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stay on a person’s credit report for a maximum of 7 years from the date when bankruptcy was filed. This time frame can be as long as 10 years if the bankruptcy case was not completed (i.e., it was not discharged). Similar to Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, the specific accounts (i.e., debts) associated with the Chapter 13 case will also remain on a person’s credit report for no more than 7 years after activity with these accounts has ended.

In terms of a person’s credit score, there is generally not a significant difference between the effects of filing for Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as both will indicate that a person is a risk in terms of borrowing money or extending lines of credit.

However, when an individual lender looks at a person’s credit report, Chapter 13 cases may viewed more favorably than Chapter 7 cases because they can indicate that a borrower made a good faith effort to repay his creditors (rather than seeking total discharge of his debt).

Recovering from the Credit Impacts of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

While the potential credit impacts that bankruptcy can have may be distressful, it’s critical to underscore that:

  • Filing for bankruptcy can give people a financial fresh start and can prevent borrowers’ credit from nose diving when they are unable to pay their debts (as this is worse than the credit impacts of bankruptcy).
  • There are some steps that borrowers can take after bankruptcy to improve their credit score and their overall financial standing.

Specifically, some of the credit recovery steps that borrower can take after a bankruptcy can include:

  • Living on a budget so they are able to set aside money to make their monthly debt payments
  • Paying off all remaining debts (and making payments on these debts on time)
  • Refraining from acquiring new debt if and when possible
  • Avoiding carrying a balance on any credit cards they may still have open.

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