March 3, 2014

Denver Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, or corporate bankruptcy, is complex and calls for the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Lindquist-Kleissler & Company, LLC can help. If in fact there is a legal and business solution to your problem, we can guide you through a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy so that you can successfully reorganize and emerge from bankruptcy. Contact our experienced Denver Chapter 11 Bankruptcy lawyer today for a free 30-minute consultation.

Also Available to Individuals

Although generally known as business bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is available to individuals as well as to business entities such as a corporation, LLC, or partnership. Chapter 11 is available to the individual investor who owns real property or commercial locations and wishes to reorganize personal finances. Chapter 11 is most suitable, however, for a small business, such as a franchise that seeks different business and legal options to reorganize or restructure.

If you or your business faces foreclosure, wage garnishment, lawsuits, or repossession, our Chapter 11 Bankruptcy lawyer can help explore your options to eliminate debt. Pre-bankruptcy planning is essential to a successful Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case, and an area in which we are well-versed.

At Lindquist-Kleissler & Company, LLC, we stress the importance of exploring your Chapter 11 options for more preferable ways to informally reorganize outside of bankruptcy. We will work with you outside of Chapter 11 to find other options.

Contact a skilled Denver Chapter 11 Bankruptcy attorney at our firm today.